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Thursday, November 3, 2011

It never will be Homcoming Queen*

*Sorry for the late post been super busy with my monkeys..not an excuse..just an apology ^_^ *

Do you ever have the feeling that being Pagan is like being in a huge popularity contest, especially around Halloween?
Halloween just passed and I was thinking (and this maybe insulting to some) that if the most popular costumes were not superheros, witches, zombies..etc..if the kids wanted to dress up like Moses, or Jesus maybe certain people wouldn't get so uptight. I mean..hell..if Halloween had managed to get as swallowed up as Easter (Ostara) and Christmas(Yule) would it even be an issue.
When I was telling my sister this..jokingly..I started to picture myself as the not as pretty..slightly eccentric runner-up to the picture perfect Homecoming/Prom Queen. I maybe more honest and interesting, but I don't give of the image that everything is just as perfect as it seems.
So, if Halloween, could just pretend to slightly different then what it know a lovely blend of old Roman tradition, Catholic holy days and maybe just a smattering of Samhain and I'm sure plenty more I am not aware of.. ;) or maybe just follow the example of the in-crowd...we wouldn't have to suffer through idiots that pretend they know anything about earth-based religions.
So, until Biblical characters become the number one selling costumes on Halloween...I guess it will never be Homecoming Queen.


  1. Okay, Delphi, this is giving me a terrible case of the giggles- Moses, a witch and Frankenstein as the prom candidates. The horror of Halloween is completely contrived by people who want to control everyone else in my opinion. I just ignore the whining and go Trick-or-treat with the kids in the cool neighborhoods (They had mai tais for the grown up Trick or Treaters).

  2. Hey, they'd probably still find something to bitch about, so don't worry. Some people are never happy unless they have got something to complain about. ^^

  3. Mandy-! I was in the wrong neighborhood ;)

    Diandra- ain't that the truth. Thanks for the comments ladies.

  4. I look on Halloween as the person who doesn't need all those trappings. The one in the middle of the floor bopping around, without a care in the world, while knowing in her heart and soul, that everyone wishes they were just like her. But yes, the bitchin is annoying, I know I did a lot of it myself this year, mainly about how little there was for the season this year.