You are refreshing and vital as the air, graceful and tender as sparkling water, lustrous and consuming as flames of fire, generous and enveloping as space and stable and deep as the earth.. you elemental woman are perfect beauty itself. *Ancient essay on the five elemental women of Indian mythology*


Monday, November 7, 2011

Fitness Challenge Double Update week 3 & 4

Sorry, I am so behind on posting, I have been running around like a crazy Positive changes are that I have been eating breakfast and having smaller meals. When we have gone out to eat, I have been more conscious of my choices and have ordered water instead of soda or tea.
Now, the gritty stuff...I'm still drinking to much soda and I am not exercising as much as I should. I wish I could blame the rain or being busy, but I know it's because I just don't feel like getting off my butt. Now starting this week, I have told myself, that's enough I have got to get into gear. So, exercise and water increase and I am going to start taking St. John's wort to help with my blah feeling. Time is ticking by, no more excuses, and no more half-arsing it.
Hopefully, next week I will be overflowing with confidence and positivity.
Good Luck and keep up the Great work Ladies!!


  1. Sounds as if you are doing pretty well... don't underestimate your progress!

  2. I think everyone has the "blah" feeling once in a while. On the bright side, making better choices is always a plus. Hang in there.

  3. Thank you ladies..I appreciate the support more then you can imagine. ^_^