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Monday, July 18, 2011

My thoughts on the "Response"

* Disclaimer: This is my opinion only. My only desire is to express my personal thoughts regarding this issue.*
For those of us the read we know about  Gov.Rick Perry endorsing "The Response" and statewide gathering of "Good" Christians praying for us all. Ok, I live in Texas, I pay taxes, shop, eat and raise my family here. I also happen to be Pagan and I have met Catholics, Non-Denominational Christians, Buddhists and Hindus and Atheists and I am sure countless other faiths here in Texas. Why if this a statewide prayer to bring us closer to the divine do the rest of us get left out?Why is it only including these so called "Good" Christians? Is it some warped sense of we are supreme and must pray for the weak inferior minded people?
I don't hate Christians, I hate Fundamentalists who think that to trample on others faith is their right!
This a link to an article talking about Gov.Rick Perry's connection with Pastor John Hagee.

An excerpt from the article: Hagee has said that Hitler was God's instrument to create a Jewish state, that the Catholic church is the "whore of Babylon"

Also this a video that is on of John Hagee ranting about Paganism:

                                          Uploaded by on Jul 18, 2011 on Youtube
This is the type of Fundamentalist propaganda that floods everything in the religious world and this so-called "Response" is just another way to single out those certain people they find unacceptable.
If we all Live and Love and Pray...we should ALL be allowed to pray and give strength to others and relish in closer connection to the Divine. Not be separated off and exploited so those in power can show off their faith and work up a couple of votes for upcoming elections.
* I have posted information from TheWildHunt and ReligionBlog Dallas News also Youtube  *


  1. Go Delphi! The soapboxes are getting a workout this month, aren't they?

  2. that guy makes god sound like a deush bag he's just embarrising himself and his religion