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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Indian Goverment to introduce Draft bill against witch hunts*

The site South Asia Citizens Wire posted on June 22,2011 an article regarding a Draft bill against with-hunts:
India needs a national law against witch hunts and other superstitious practices
The Rajasthan government has introduced a draft bill to tackle the social evil of witch hunts. However, a national law aimed at eradicating the practice may be more effective, argues Hemchhaya De
evil doings: A protest against the recent killings of women branded as ‘witches’ in Assam

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Some of the accounts coming from India are horrifying and I have no words to describe this atrocity against human life. A law is but a small step in gaining ground against this excuse for depravity. Let us hope that all of us, in India and around the world can stop looking for excuses to hate.

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