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Monday, July 25, 2011

I wish for the 60s*

Sometimes, I wish I had been around for the 1960s. Rallies, marches, protests, fighting for positive change as a whole. When I read articles about hate-mongering and religious backlash, I wonder how come every "Pagan" comment is to pray, light candles, or sprinkle herbs...don't get me wrong I think these things are a valuable spiritual practice, but I think we need to stop sitting on our hands. The reason so many people notice Fundamentalists is because they make so much noise. Yes, it shows strength and character to be peaceful and tolerant, but when do we stop letting others talk down to us and try to crush our spirits and shove stereotypical propaganda all over the media. I wish for a big protest against HATE and INTOLERANCE, a rally for ACCEPTANCE. Instead we watch so called "Good Christians" march and pray against us, try to force change in the world for intolerance. All of us stand on our metaphorical soapboxes, in our blogs and websites, and books and make no move to really band together for change, to say what we believe in is significant and that all we want is our right to our Faith. We may be strong spiritually, but we are living on the physical plane and we need to make our stand here!


  1. many people are waiting for that one to take that lead them.

    Plus many Pagans and Witches are afraid to come out of that proverbial "Broom Closet". Standing up for your fellow non-Christian will upset their boxed-in world. Their safety. Some have families, which is understandable, but sometimes I think it's selfish. It's sheltered.

    Then again, I've lived through what many are afraid of. Is it pretty? No, but I'm stronger. Strong enough to rise above and look my attackers in their eyes and see their fear of me. To see that my faith is deeper than theirs. My conviction is greater.

    Selfish or not, sometimes people just need to see that One to realize that they're not alone. There's hope. Hope in numbers. That actions do speak louder than words.

    Also the world has gotten lazy. More likely to let those in power to walk all over them. But people are getting tired of sitting around. I think something's going to happen soon.

    Maybe the End of an Era is coming in 2012?

    I completely agree with you. Until then....


  2. It's important to remember that history has a habit of repeating itself.

  3. You've got a very good point, Delphi, but don't forget that speaking out (even when it takes the written form) is powerful too. Resistance happens at many levels. I may not go to protests, but I write letters, sign petitions, and most importantly, I watch where my money goes. Don't lose hope.