You are refreshing and vital as the air, graceful and tender as sparkling water, lustrous and consuming as flames of fire, generous and enveloping as space and stable and deep as the earth.. you elemental woman are perfect beauty itself. *Ancient essay on the five elemental women of Indian mythology*


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gathering my thoughts*

Today, I tried to gather my thoughts regarding current issues with "The Response" and "DC40" and I find I don't know what else I can say. I feel like a distraught mother trying to teach a stubborn, petulant child how to share and be understanding. I desperately don't want to throw my hands up say "That's it I can't take it!" and be like so many others and pretend it's not happening. I just don't know where to start and what to say to make others understand what is happening. We are allowing ourselves to be diminished and stereotyped. You know what makes it worse, that most people don't know that is happening or what the ramifications could be for Pagan and non-Pagan alike. I am tired of fighting and yet what else can I do...I refuse to have others make my choices for me as I am sure other people do not want me to make their decisions for them. As I sit here in a state of frustrated confusion...all I know for sure is that I won't back down and I won't give up on those who want equality and freedom from persecution.


  1. Keep going, Delphi; even on vacation I have been sending messages to Washington telling them to grow up. I love your analogy, it sums up the situation perfectly.

  2. Thank you for being so means so much to me. ^_^

  3. Keep on keeping on! I have thought of this too over the last few days and really don't know myself *what* to do. I just know I have to do something. My plan so far is to ask every day for the wisdom to find that *what*.

  4. I really feel like the fundamentalists assume they have some big voice in America, but it will only be as loud as we promote it to be. I was steeped deep in fundamentalism for 15 years and they really feel quite powerless and minimal in the grand scheme of things in America. I think their loud proclamations with this arrogance is due to their insecurities at just how little faith they have. They are motivated by fear. Lets just keep standing should to shoulder and advance forward peacefully and in unity to uphold the freedom we have in America. Persecution only comes when they feel threatened and weak.. try to look at that as a good thing. This movement of tolerant peaceful Christ followers is a huge threat to the kind of people attempting the DC40. There are more and more Christ followers who are willing to face any persecution with you, that comes your way.

  5. Thank you give me hope that we can all be united.