You are refreshing and vital as the air, graceful and tender as sparkling water, lustrous and consuming as flames of fire, generous and enveloping as space and stable and deep as the earth.. you elemental woman are perfect beauty itself. *Ancient essay on the five elemental women of Indian mythology*


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some Random Summer Suggestions*

Since it's summer and time for sunburns...especially in the 100+ weather here in San Antonio...a remedy for the burn is always a good idea. Fill a one quart jar with equal parts milk and ice and two tablespoons of salt. Soak a washcloth in the mix and apply to sunburned areas leave for 20 minutes...reapply as needed. The milk will absorb the heat from the sun...a good little recipe for relief from sunburn.
Also a nice idea for an Adult ice cream float....scoop some butter pecan in to tumblers and top with a dark beer with a little freshly grated nutmeg on top. ;)
When the kids are feeling lazy and there is nothing to watch. Nothing saves the day like Netflix...if you have younger kids, Fraggle Rock episodes are available for online streaming...songs, connectedness, environmentalism, and cute muppets...who could ask for
For those more spiritually- minded tonight is the full moon...the full moon for June is called the Strong Sun Moon...June is named for the Roman Goddess Juno...Goddess of Marriage and well-being of women. So a romantic dinner is a Also this is the time of year to honor the fairies...leave offerings of ale,milk,fruit,or bread. Might just help your garden grow. *Don't spill the milk though, they might not ever leave your house and cause all kinds of mischief*
All right that is enough from me...Be Blessed*


  1. I haven't tried milk on sunburns before (being the Pasty Person I am, I burn several times a year through SPF 90 sunscreen). I usually rub down with vinegar and then shower (mostly because I can't stand the smell of myself). It takes away the sting, but the smell will curl your eyelashes, I'll try your recipe next time.

  2. i find the best way to keep from getting sunburn is to just to be a hermit and hide in my house lol they put fraggle rock on netflix omg awsomeee

  3. My sentments exactly...I was so excited to see Fraggle Rock on