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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

While I was chasing my thoughts*

Sometimes, I just start thinking and my scatterbrained self tends to lean towards very random ideas. I was listening to the radio and I started to think about why someone would write a certain song and then I started to think about my favorite songs and then I listened to the weather report and then I thought about the weather then back to thinking about
My thoughts went along the line of my ringtones and why I picked certain songs for certain people and then why certain ringtones were picked for me on friends and family phones and how that says in a small way what they think of me.( have I made you dizzy yet? :p)
So here is a list my some of my ringtones:
My hubby- Candyman by Christina Aguilera
My sister Samantha- Pretty girl rock by Keri Hilson
My son Draven- Ringo Biyori by Rocky Chack
My Dad- Yoshimi Battles the pink robots by The Flaming Lips
My main ringtone- Chammko Challo by Akon

Hmmm...wonder what that says about me? *scratches head*

Anyways, this is the list of what rings when I call:
My Sister Samantha had (when she had a phone) Wonderwall by Oasis, not because I'm her wonderwall, but because I used to sing that song
My Hubby Joey has Superwoman by Lil' Mo feat Fabolous
My friend Letty said Dancing in the Moonlight by King Harvest     *whats funny is she doesn't know I'm a*

What do you think that says about me?
I always wonder about small things and my connection to them and others. Maybe I'm a little nuts, my mind runs around and I never know the If nothing else I reminded myself of some great songs and that there are those in my life who take the time to think of me even if it's only to pick out a ringtone. ^_^

What do your ringtones say about you? Something small, I know, but think about it. Why did you pick certain songs to represent yourself or someone else? Just because you luv the song or did it make you think of them or did it invoke a certain emotion? Just curious to see if I'm the only crazy one...LOL ;)


  1. I've only got one ringtone - the Tetris melody. Once you hear it, it's stuck in your head forever. I've forgotten to pick up the phone because I was goofing off to that stupid song. ^^

    (Our landline rings "The Entertainer", because my father set it (was his phone before) and he loves Tom&Jerry. I never bothered to change that. Recently they were over for a visit and he asked if we could change phones, because theirs doesn't have that ringtone.)

  2. LOL...after u mentioned Tetris I started hearing the music in my head..I guess it is stuck there forever. Thx for ur comment :)

  3. For my Mom, I chose "Inanna" (I am the daughter of the Ancient Mother). For friends in Louisiana, I picked "The Lakes of Ponchatrain", and my standard ringtone is Lisa Thiel's "Acchi Mantra". must be too old for the tetris thingy. Mother had me put Sinatra's "Fly Me to the Moon" on her phone. Now I must YouTube this tetras thing you are talking about...