You are refreshing and vital as the air, graceful and tender as sparkling water, lustrous and consuming as flames of fire, generous and enveloping as space and stable and deep as the earth.. you elemental woman are perfect beauty itself. *Ancient essay on the five elemental women of Indian mythology*


Sunday, October 9, 2011

My thoughts on the recent post on Cauldron Full of Stars Blog*

This post is in response to a post by  Mandy..  the post is called *Against our will* I left a small comment, but it was only a portion of my thoughts on her post. In all the ways mentioned I have had to deal attempted rape, zealot Christians trying to convert, being emotionally railroad by a manipulative tyrant. For years I have swallowed my self to keep the peace...pretend to agree or do what was asked of me..or even worse make myself forget the way I was treated or being treated. In last few years I have found my voice against hateful, intolerant people in regards to my faith or views on the way people choose to live their lives. My personal life has not been so the last couple of months I have been forced to make choices in regard to my family and our safety and when I talk about the incidents I ask my self "How much am I supposed to take?" I have been insulted, disowned and treated like "why are you even here?" and yet I kept giving of myself and drowning in my own unhappiness. I am in the process of extracting myself and my family away from this person and we are working on building a happy future.
In every way I agree with one should have power over who we are and no one should make our decisions for us. I may fail and make mistakes, but they are mine alone to make. I know there are those that once they reclaim who they are, they try and control everyone else and find this silly and appalling. We can't stop the circle of manipulation if contribute to it. I have moved forward and I will not step backwards, yet I will never make anyone else feel like they are weak and nothing. Life is to short for me to continue to feed the toxic poison others inflict upon myself and others. So whether it is through, Politics, Religion, or Emotional tyranny, I will never again be a bullied and I will spend the rest of my life trying to help others stand up and be who they are and be proud of that.
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  1. Thanks for sharing this. It is exactly what I need to hear right now. Blessings to you on your journey.

  2. Good for you, I had that same epiphany this year. I refuse to allow others to treat me badly. You rock!! Good luck in all that you do.