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Monday, September 12, 2011

Pagan Pride?*

Soooo...first I want to say that the SanAntonioPaganPrideDay Committee did the absolute best job that they could. Saying that I was very disappointed. In a city as big as San Antonio I would think that there are more then 20-30 Pagans. The site was smaller then my kids elementary school Cafeteria..and it was in a questionable part of town. The only reason I am complaining is because it just shows a lack of "community" among Pagans and I had to drive damn near 30 mins away for a couple hippies and a few Goth kids. I know I maybe being silly and take things to personal, but I would have loved to have seen a big turn out..banners, ceremonies, hell even t-shirts being sold. I have seen more excitement at a Renaissance Faire.
On a positive note the SAPPD Committee were lovely and polite, all the vendors were professional and extremely talented and the belly dancers were something else ;) I might go again next year, and in the mean time, I will try to get people to go and see the dancers and vendors next year. You never know it might be a late might just need a little more sunshine and love for Pagan Pride to flourish.

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