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Monday, August 15, 2011

My Dilemma*

Ok...I am trying to word this right. I try everyday to be loving and tolerant and yet it seems certain situations in life push an Us against Them attitude upon us. When I read certain articles or talk to people it seems as if I am being told "Well if you were just Christian" (fingers wagging at me). Yesterday, I went to the store, and they were selling very Christian school supplies, and that is fine, but were are the Hindu or Muslim..etc. style school supplies. When I mentioned this to a family member, they told me that its not the "store", but the market.
 I live in, what I guess you would refer to as the Bible Belt. I don't care, I still don't think that is right, because if they were selling items like that (other religions) the Fundamentalists around here would have been on the news causing chaos, and I think that is part of my issue. I am getting to the point were I have to say to myself, there are good, loving Christians,Catholics, Mormons, etc...but I feel horrible that I have reached that point. I do not want it to become Me against You or Us against Them...I the very least for people just to say "I don't agree with your choice,but I respect your right to believe in or do what you feel is right for you" and yet I feel like the line is getting drawn and I will have to choose a side and that thought is sickening. If it does come down to Us against Them...I hope the Us is all different kinds of Faiths, Colors and Creeds who want a world of acceptance, love and understanding, fighting Against those who would crush us under their feet,through hate, politics and propaganda.  I'll hope for an "all for one" attitude instead of an "all for me" attitude...that is the best I can hope for...for now. As for me, personally, will continue to try to be a person of love and tolerance.


  1. Wow, it IS difficult to keep on trying after continual experiences like that. I'm honored to call you my blogging buddy- I just don't know if I could have that kind of patience and fortitude. Hang in there, sweetie!

  2. Thank is people like you that keep me moving forward. ^_^

  3. I feel your pain, in spite of the fact that we live in an extremely diverse community we are still the odd ones out, and I am apparently the only one vocal about not having our rights infringed upon.

    My advice: deep breathing, counting to 10 before speaking (I learned how to do it Latin to slow me down) and ranting when necessary. Tolerance is only useful to a point, then you have to push back when people are trying to force their views on your life.

  4. I appreciate your support and I agree with you I tend to swallow the hurt and anger, but I think its time for me to stop being quiet...Thank you*