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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Would "God" make woman or visa versa?*

*Disclaimer: This is just a generaliztion on the fundamentals of men and women. Also these are just my thoughts..any sense made from this is purely*
This going to seem odd, but I was thinking about the differences between men and women and my mind began to wander. I began to think if you believe in one supreme masculine "GOD" would he be able to comprehend making a woman or even want to. Let's look at it like this..say I'm God and I make Adam in my own image, he is relaxed and happy, he enjoys food and having if Adam said "God, I'm lonely can you make me a mate?" and whether "GOD" made the mate or Adam..would either one make a woman? If I was God or Adam, I would make someone like me...let's say Adam and his mate meet it should go
Adam: "hey, I'm Adam what's your name?"
Eve:" Hi I'm Eve"
Adam: "What kinda of things do you like?"
Eve: " I like eating and sex"
Adam: That is Awesome! We have so much in common."

It seems create a being that is so contrary to the way men function. Don't get me wrong there are similarities, along the line of the Taoist yin/yang symbol, but even in that symbol, one image is always has more different than in common. I also think if you believe in one supreme feminine energy "GODDESS" why would she create man? Women...myself included..always seem to have this curious wanting to pick things apart emotionally and try to understand how we feel and and how others feel and then make everything much more complicated then it is. Men on the other hand seem to be content with their emotions and don't try to pick it apart or try to understand everything on some deep level.
The only way I can reconcile myself to this is that we are meant to have balance and something as simple or complex as what our sex fundamentally confusing. If you believe there is a God and Goddess it makes a bit more sense, but still it is as if they decided not to discuss our creation with each other or they decided f*#% it and did what they wanted to anyways. Either way this mere mortal finds it all very interesting and maybe that's the point to learn from each other and at the same time be utterly confused by each other.


  1. Well, God created Lilith--Adam's first wife--and that clearly didn't work, thus God made a wife that's more obedient, dependent, and less of a free thinker. Course her curious ways did get them expelled from Eden. Wonder if "God" regrets us? lol

    I prefer to be on Team Lilith than Team Eve. She seems kind of naive. More likely to jump when Adam says so....whereas Lilith would be more like me, and ask, "Why?".

    Good question.

    Blessings. ~)O(~

  2. I guess I would be on Team Lilith too...I'm always asking Why?