You are refreshing and vital as the air, graceful and tender as sparkling water, lustrous and consuming as flames of fire, generous and enveloping as space and stable and deep as the earth.. you elemental woman are perfect beauty itself. *Ancient essay on the five elemental women of Indian mythology*


Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to my baby!

Today is my youngest childs' birthday she's turning five! I can't believe it....I still think of her as my little baby, but as she tells me "I'm a big girl Mommy" ^_^ How fast the time does go.....anyways we are going to do this wonderful Birthday spell for kids and if your interested you can find it at the Pooka Pages it's a great site for little Pagans...well for any kid I was going to bake a cake also, but my oven died so I will have to buy one *sigh* oh well we will make the best of it. Well time to wake up the birthday princess...that's all for now.
Be Blessed*

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