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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Documentaries re: Faith And Homosexuality*

This is one of the few times I don't know how to begin. Ok, I've been sitting a lump..and watching documentaries. Not is called "Fish out of water" 2009 and the other "Jihad of love" 2007. I found the first one on Netflix so I decided to watch is about Homosexuality and Religion and demystifying anti-gay terms used by fundamentalists. I was fascinated and found the whole thing very interesting. I looked up the writer/director Ky Dickinson and in an interview she mentions "Jihad of love." a look at homosexuality in Iran, Eygpt,etc. I looked it up and watched it...I was stunned. In America we are able to say we don't agree, even if it's with our spiritual leaders and with our faith. The pain and misunderstanding is mind-boggling...they suffer so much from laws that would have them put to death and they suffer from the guilt of feeling like they are some how flawed. My heart was touched by their struggle and how they still did not lose touch with their so many people in crisis tend to...instead they clung to it..reveled it. I felt...ashamed that I do not revel in my blessings, I am grateful for my blessings, but rarely do I revel in them...I do not have to struggle with the pain and threats of murder and jail...I felt very humbled. I pray everyday for people to be accepting and tolerant and yet I could choose to change my faith to conform to societal norms... but if you are LGBT you can not change who you are. In my opinion they should not have too. I know these are not new documentaries, but I doubt much has changed...there is still bigotry and hate. My heart feels heavy and my mind is full...I want to change the world for the better and I can try..give everything I've got...but how do you change a persons' heart, touch their soul, make them feel love for others? Can I love the world enough to change the hate others feel to compassion, and empathy? I don't know...but I can try.

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